Hydro Testing

Published by James Smith on

We recently spent 6 months on a major CCGT power station in the UK. The job was to perform hydro tests of all boiler parts, balance of plant and natural gas feed pipelines. In addition to the hydro tests we were asked to clean some piping system to remove dust and debris, this was done by line pigging and water jetting.

The boiler parts has to be tested at above 21°C, hence the reason for the steam boiler to warm the water prior to filling and testing the water. Some of the tests were over 200m3 demin water and pressures over 500 BARG, so some careful planning and execution was needed.

The balance of plant pipelines spread all over the site and some systems were over 300 metres long, similarly required plenty of technical detail.

For all hydro testing requirements get in touch for a thorough technical approach.

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