Busy times!

Published by James Smith on

Its been quite a hectic couple of months for the company, we have been stretched all over the UK! luckily through our experienced staff and careful planning we have helped keep our clients happy and their plants clean.

Please see some of the recent jobs which have kept us busy.

Decontamination of tank farm

Our client was left with a tank farm full of light end products after the factory had shut down. our task was to decontaminate the 9 tanks, pumps, vessels and associated pipework leaving the plant free from contaminants.

Pigging gas pipelines

We were called at very short notice to pig clean 8″, 14″ and 16″ fuel gas pipelines feeding critical equipment on Carrington CCGT. We responded and sent over 100 pigs through the pipes.

Package boiler descale

After another insurance inspection we were called in overnight to descale a 7,000kg/hr package boiler for a factory in England. production was reduced to a minimum while the boiler was offline, luckily we got the boiler clean and back online in minimum time.

Blasting turbine sections

During the boiler outage our client found deposits on critical turbine diaphragms. Silica and aluminium were the main ingredients and we took them offsite, blasted all of the contaminants off and returned the sections to site.

Cooling water systems

Cooling water pipework is quite prone to scale up in all areas of our industries. We took the pipework away in sections and cleaned them offsite. Initially our client was planning to replace with new pipework, we cleaned the sections back to almost new at 12% of the cost of renewing.

Also boiler neutralising, depot pickling, supplying supervision and consultancy to another chemical cleaning company, cleaning oil tanks and high velocity flushing partially blocked pipes over 1km long.